Magnum Rammer - HP-RM75R for sale
  • Description

    Magnum Rammer HP-RM75D - Diesel (5Hp)

  • Applications

    Magnum Rammers, also known as tampers, are primarily used in the construction industry to compact soil or earth. They are handheld, effective and easy to operate.

  • Specifications
    Model HP-RM75D - Diesel
    Engine type Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine
    Max output power 5HP/3600 rpm
    Ramming force 14KN
    Leap height 40-80 mm
    Advancing speed 9-12 m/min
    Ramming frequency 640-680 times/min
    Ramming plate size 340×285 mm
    Operation weight 72 kg
    Shipping size 770×480×1150 mm
    Fuel Type Diesel


    1. Magnum 6.5 HP diesel engine designed for tamping rammer.
    2. Easy starting, low-noise operation, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption.
    3. Heavy shock mount system to reduce hand-arm vibration and improve comfort.
    4. Rammer shoe made of steel plate with wooden insert offers economical usage.
    5. Special protective frame for engine, prevents any possible damage on a tough job site.
    6. Additional built-in air filtration.

  • PDF Spec Sheet

    Download PDF Spec Sheet here.

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