Solar swimming pool pumps
Magnum Pool pump 220V 0.37KW
Magnum Pool pump specs
Magnum Pool pump specs

Note: Solar Pool pump requires 9 x Solar panels to operate efficiently.

  • Description

    Magnum solar pump system is especially designed for swimming pool filtration and recirculation. Keep your pool clean whilst reducing electricity bills and helping the environment, all with a solar powered pool pump.

  • Applications

    To keep your pool clean enough for swimming, you need to keep the water filtered and circulated, and the appropriate chemicals distributed evenly throughout. To do so, you need a pool pump and filtration system. Magnum solar pump system is ideal for this.

  • Specifications

    Solar Pump

    Model SFCP31/19-27/1200
    Q. Max. 517 L/min
    H. Max. 19 Meter
    Voltage / Amps 72 V / 16.7 A
    Speed 500 ~ 4000 r.p.m
    Kw / HP 1.2 Kw / 1.6 HP
    Discharge 2.5" x 2.5"
    Insoltation Class IP 55

    Solar Panel

    Model P200 Class A
    Open Circuit Voltage 45.5 V
    Short Circuit Current 5.8 A
    Max Power Voltage 37 V
    Max Power Current 5.4 A
    Normal Opperating Temp. 48°C ±2°C
    Weight 15.3 kg
    Dimensions 1580 x 808 x 35 mm
  • PDF Spec Sheet

    Download PDF Spec Sheet here.

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