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Magnum Compactor for sale
  • Description

    Magnum Compactor HP-C330 with foldable handle allows for easy transportation and storage.

  • Applications

    Magnum Plate compactors for all your construction needs, built tough to do any job. Magnum Plate compactors are designed for a multitude of applications such as foundation compaction, back filing, paving, pothole repairs and asphalt work too.

  • Specifications
    Model HP-C330
    Engine type Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine
    Max output power 13 HP/3600 rpm
    Ramming force 38KN - Compact Depth 700 mm
    Frequency vpm 5300 vpm
    Travel Speed 20 cm/s
    Efficiency n/a
    Ramming plate size 835x670 mm
    Operation weight 250 Kg
    Shipping size 970x580x1060 mm
    Fuel Type Petrol or Diesel


    1. Conveniently located controls, with forward, reverse, and on-the-spot-compacting.
    2. Large shock mounts reduce vibration to the handle.
    3. Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper deck.
    4. Wear-resistant base plates for extend life, and open design reduces dirt built up.
    5. Centrally-located lifting bar allows easy transportation in and out of trenches.
    6. Semi-covered protection cage protects the plate from accidental job-site damage.

  • PDF Spec Sheet

    Download PDF Spec Sheet here.

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